"Easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to provide great client experience"

Alternative Asset Custodian New Mexico, US

"Makes it easy to transact business"

Fund Manager San Francisco, CA

"Keeps all of our documents, asset transactions, valuations under one roof and makes it easy to update investors."

Private Fund Dallas TX
Relevant Transparency

FinixDLT platform enables all stakeholders in the deal the ability to access the same information before, during, and after their transactions. It also enables everyone to be updated in real-time about the status of the deal as relevant details emerge.

Timely Asset Valuation

Deal administration on the FinixDLT platform enables private asset valuations to be conducted in a timely manner and distributed to all deal stakeholders as soon as they become available, making tax season a lot less anxious for everyone involved - investors, professionals, and managers.

Intelligent Workflows

Dozens of intelligent workflows is what sets FinixDLT platform apart. From transaction management to investor onboarding to valuation management to tax season - FinixDLT provides all deal stakeholders peace of mind that all facets will be done accurately and compliantly.

Efficiency and Speed

FinixDLT enables all stakeholders to breeze through their day. Our clients have reported being able to handle more more than twice their normal business load with same or lower staff. Don't overwhelm the administration resources - give them FinixDLT and let your deal flow grow!